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International Standards: AS/EN/JISQ 9100, IPC 610 Class 1, IPC 610 Class 2, IPC 610 Class 3, ISO 9001Other Standards / Certificates: ANSI,J Std 001 Issue D, Cyber Essentials / Cyber Essentials PLUS

Winslow Adaptics Ltd

Company Profile

Winslow Adaptics design, develop and manufacture an extensive range of interconnect and mechanical solutions for the industrial electronics sector including, industrial, commercial, defence aerospace, oil & gas, medical, rail and nuclear.

The Winslow portfolio includes:

Adapters to mitigate device obsolescence and allocation, from simple 1:1 “off the shelf” footprint conversion to complex ASIC software retargeting

Test and prototyping modules to suit all device types and applications, specialising in fast turnaround, bespoke solutions.

All types of PCB interconnect including cross referral of standard “me too” products to cost effective custom solutions. 

Mechanical components from Jermyn transistor pads, bushes, and component holders to the creation or reengineering of small metal and plastic parts

Winslow Adaptics have been manufacturing in the UK for 40 years and a have a proven track record of delivering timely solutions with the highest quality of service. A fully integrated facility enables us to provide many solutions at all volumes, from just one piece right through to production quantities.

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