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Whitespace is a Belfast and London-based technology company with extensive expertise in product and service development, innovation and venture building. Supporting private and public sector organisations with innovative solutions, including the digital transformation journey, by harnessing emerging digital technology, combined with design thinking and agile methodologies. From exploration, research and prototyping through to proof of concept, minimum viable products and growth & support,  Whitespace take a customer-centric approach to development activities, with a clear focus on business outcomes and budgets. 

Whitespace has vast experience working within Defence (especially within the Innovation domain), acting as an ‘honest broker’ between Defence and SMEs rather than a consultant. The WS team has the experience and knowledge to work with and complement any Defence Innovation Teams acting as a ‘steward’, offering continuity, guidance, vast networks and trust in order to deliver a world-leading innovation hub in an ever-changing technological environment.

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