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Vedette is a specialist Defence and Security consultancy, based in the UK.  We have an unmatched ability to help higher-level national security leaders and their teams to address the demands of decision-making in conditions of risk and uncertainty.  We can leverage disruptive technologies which might help, but focus on the human decisions they must effectively inform, support and enable.

Since 2010, Vedette has provided pivotal decision support to the UK MOD, the UK’s Joint Forces Command (now UK Strategic Command), the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and British Army, the Irish, French, Iraqi and Turkish Armed Forces, and the European Union Institutions.

Our areas of expertise include:

Ø  Integrated command & control;

Ø  Defence supply chain optimisation;

Ø  Wargaming and Manual Simulation;

Ø  Professional military education and collective training;

Ø  Cyber resilience of expeditionary military operations;

Ø  Whole-of-government information campaigning;

Ø  Complex programme design and assurance;

Ø  Future military operating environments.

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