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Valent is the world leader in the development of invasive technology for the investigation and disposal of hazards in the CBRN, Hazmat and decommissioning environments. We have over 20 years inventing, manufacturing, supplying and training leading organisations involved in the investigation and removal of hazardous materials. Invasive technology offers the ability to drill through the outer wall of a target without allowing the hazardous internal contents to escape. This allows for investigative and disposal procedures to be carried out whilst preventing any leakage.

Valent first developed equipment in this area in 2000. Since then our systems have been used by the military globally and with international organisations such as OPCW, UNMOVIC and UNOPS in the investigation and disposal of CW hazards. In addition Valent has developed bespoke solutions for other organisations for hazmat and toxic industrial chemical (TIC) operations.

Over 60% of Valent’s work is in R&D projects, creating bespoke engineering solutions to very challenging problems.  This was recognised in 2006 with a Queen’s Award for Innovation. Further awards were given to the company for our work assisting UK and US missions with a series of high tempo, innovation projects for the disposal of Syrian CW agents and precursors.

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