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The University of Glasgow has been the home of aerospace research for over 60 years where our main research themes include aerospace structures & materials, autonomous vehicles, flight dynamics, fluid mechanics and space systems engineering (including systems design and simulation engine for realistic operational scenarios). In addition, the Space Glasgow interdisciplinary research cluster brings together the excellent and wide-ranging expertise in the field of space research across Chemistry, Computing Science, Engineering, Geographical & Earth Sciences, Mathematics and Physics and Astronomy.Our facilities provide the unique practical edge needed for our research. These include wind tunnel laboratories a ground-based flight simulator laboratory Selex Galileo unmanned airborne systems laboratory.More broadly we have strengths in the important areas of defence and security. Glasgow researchers are developing our understanding of the failure of complex systems, explore how simulations can be used in counter-terrorism applications, the engineering of large scale complex socio-technical systems and the reliability of software systems. Research continues in energy security as part of national and international critical infrastructures. Our researchers have developed mobile and airborne gamma ray spectrometry techniques which can be used to map areas affected by radiation, for example after the 2011 earthquake in Japan where nuclear reactors were damaged. Glasgows has wide ranging capabilities in sensor and sensor systems. Electronics and sensors lie at the heart of many critical systems within the ADS sectors and our engineers design, manufacture and use Si/SiGe heterostructure technologies, CMOS technologies, quantum devices, THz quantum cascade lasers, terahertz systems, silicon photonics, inorganic molecular electronics and thermoelectrics, which contribute to these critical systems. Glasgow also has significant experience of CBRNE counter-terrorism and medical imaging systems.Training:The University provides undergraduate, postgraduate and CPD training including; avionics, aeronautical engineering and aerospace engineering.