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Other Standards / Certificates: ANSI,J Std 001 Issue D, ANSI/ESD S20.20, ASD CIS for Anti Corruption, Boeing BMS 10-83, Boeing D1-4426, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, Cyber Essentials / Cyber Essentials PLUS, Def Stan 05-135, Distr or Ltd Appr., SC21 Bronze, SC21 Gold, SC21 OE, SC21 Silver, TickIT

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UM-Labs R&D was created to research and develop solutions that provide a PIA (protect, intercept, archive) policy by design hardended operating environment. In this, UM-Labs R&D have delivered UNICUStm UOS, a cloud native operating system which provides multi-level protection across the full OSI-7-Layer model (inclusive of network, application and Content/Media across all IP systems and networks) and specifically uses machine Learning/artifical intelligence to counter attacks which stem from Networks (Broadband internet, 4G & 5G, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Open Ran ), Unified communication platforms (MS Teams, Zoom, Cisco-Webex, IPPBX,) Mobile phones, remote devices and IOT chip level implmentations using IP and all standard of OSI protocols.  UNICUS will run on all cloud instances, these include Private (VM-WARE, KVM, Azure Stack), Public (AWS, GCP, AZURE, IBM, TELCO CLOUD) and Hybrid of all. 

The continued development of UNICUS is set against the OSI standards and have provided a platform which can be extended and now with a recent release will provide IOT EDGE protection running against the core, but in a chip for mass device delivery. Latest offering is UNICUS SVSS (Streaming Video, Security Service), which will protect industry standard devices for CCTV, BodyCam and Drone surveillance from attacks. 

The attack surfaces covered, include everything that ‘data in transit’ has been proven to be achieved and this can be advanced DDOS, Malware, Man in the middle, Hijack voice/video, listen to voice/video, disrupt messaging, source presence and media injection to streaming voice/video through all devices, such as CCTV, BodyCam and Drones. 

UNICUS provides defence level encyption (AES, HSM, Mikey, Quantum (NIST shortlist) end to end and will aide all levels of network, application and content/media to be fully protected, with the ability to archive for compliance recording to a cloud storage. As encryption will not defend against distruption attacks, UNICUS will cover all levels and keep mission critcal communications safe. 

UNICUS has been implmented through ATOS, embedded into their LifeLink solutions for Private LTE and Defence, a service by KPN in the Netherlands for MOD/NATO protecting F-IUS across the estate and through AWS providing SNITCH a Global Discovery Data Base showing all real-time call fraud in action  across the globe, which can then be PIA covered by implementing UNICUS.    

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