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Awerian provides research and development services that extend and enhance the ability of the United Kingdom and its Allies to defend themselves and to protect the future prosperity of their citizens. This encompasses ideas generation to address challenging problems, the rapid design and implementation of technology demonstrators, through to complete product design and transfer to manufacture. Awerian operates collaboratively or stand-alone and configures its working practices to address the needs of specific projects. 

Awerian formed from an internal group within TTP plc which had been working in defence and related areas for more than 10 years. Now a TTP company, Awerian continues to leverage the facilities and broad experience of TTP Group whilst also refining its market-specific capabilities. 

Awerian’s core activities in Science and TechnologyCyberArtificial Intelligence / Machine LearningAutonomous Systems, and Electromagnetics are complemented by broader engineering skills in the creation of bespoke designs for Technology Demonstrators and Special Products. All activities are enabled by deep technical skills in applied physics, optics, mechanical systems, electronics, RF, software and firmware, coupled with an ability to combine all of these areas in sophisticated mathematical modelling and simulation.

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