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Military & Law Enforcement Products

Thomas Jacks Ltd have exclusive UK distribution for a number of brands and a large range of products offering COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf), MOTS (Military Off The Shelf) and custom solutions for the law enforcement, emergency services and military markets.

Due to the sensitive nature and restrictions placed on military equipment, especially those that are ITAR (International Trade in Arms Regulations) controlled, a great deal of what Thomas Jacks Ltd offer to the law enforcement and military community can only be supplied directly to the end-user. Some unrestricted products can be supplied through trade partners who demonstrate a history of working directly with law enforcement and military customers and can evidence the reporting and compliance procedures we require.

We are the authorised UK distributor for Adventure Lights, Alien Gear Holsters, BLOC Tactical, Cobra Optics, Crib Gogh, Direct Action, Fujifilm/Fujinon, Nanuk MilSpec Hard Cases, Night Vision Devices, Norotos, Point Blank Enterprises, Powerflare, Pulsar, Rapid Force, Samson Manufacturing, SiOnyx, United Shield International, Ventus Respiratory, Wiley X, W+R PRO and Viridian Weapon Technologies. We also distribute Lynred USA, Thermoteknix, Vortex Optics and Opticron to the law enforcement, military and security markets.

Our product offering is extensive and includes Ballistic Helmets, Body Armour, Ballistic Vests & Plate Carriers, Overt/Covert Personal Identification Beacons, Safety Lights, Helmet Lights, Vest Lights, Tactical Lights, Weapon-mounted Laser Aimers/Illuminators, Infrared Vehicle Lights, Portable Remote Control LZ/DZ/HLZ Lighting solutions, Remote Control Beach Landing Zone Kits, Rugged Miniature Red Dot Sights, Holographic Sights, Telescopic Sights, Night Vision solutions, Camera-mounted Night Vision systems, Thermal Imagers, Laser Rangefinders, Weapon-mounted Cameras, Ballistic/Protective Eyewear, Tactical Respirators, Tactical Gloves, Fast Roping Gloves, Holsters, Gun Belts, Tactical Gear, Camouflage Solutions, Digital Cameras, Surveillance Cameras, Day Optics including Binoculars, Monoculars & Spotting Scopes.

Working closely with our customers, including the Ministry of Defence, Police Forces, Fire, Rescue and Ambulance Services, the Environment Agency and many other Government Agencies, we ensure that they receive a product that matches their requirements. Our customer commitment and the close working relationships we have with all the brands we distribute means that we have established an enviable reputation of supplying, on time and within budget COTS, MOTS and custom solutions that meet or exceed the end-users specific operational requirements.

As a company, we are committed to providing excellent customer service, technical and product backup. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015.

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