Thermoteknix Systems Ltd

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Teknix House, 2 Pembroke Avenue

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Thermoteknix Systems Ltd

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Thermoteknix develops thermal imaging and night vision solutions for the Aerospace, Defence, Security and Law Enforcement.

Our products range from stat-of-the-art Thermal Clip-on Systems for fused night vision to thermal imaging binoculars, night vision goggles and target location systems.  The company also works with companies around the world who intergrate our patented thermal imaging technology an modules into their own designs and products. .

Thermoteknix is headquartered in Cambridge, in the UK, where a highly skilled team of engineering, R&D, production, sales, marketing and technical support specialists are based.

The company also has a dedicated network of agents and sales teams located in regional offices around the world.

Thermoteknix products all share a history of technical superiority, successful operation in harsh conditions and long term support from a company committed to customer satisfaction.

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Head of Marketing

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