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The Oakland Group

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With over 35 years of experience in solving complex business problems by combining data strategy and governance with cutting-edge technology and engineering. Oakland is an expert in architecting and developing innovative data products and solutions, building long-lasting data capabilities for the organisations we work with. Our tech-agnostic approach combines the right technology for the job with a deep understanding of your business goals. We specialise in 4 areas: 

Cloud, Platforms, and Engineering 
We architect, implement and support scalable, extensible, and cost-conscious data platforms that enable a consolidated approach to data within an organisation. 

Data Strategy  
We focus on building a genuine alignment between data and an organisations mission so that data is your strategy. Oakland’s comprehensive data maturity framework works across technology people and process, as well as culture, experience, policies, and behaviour.

Data Governance  
Our ‘data governance by stealth’ approach builds the right foundations for a strong maturity and ownership culture. This is supported by enabling the right approach to data quality, whilst recognising the need for investing in rapid tangible results. 

Analytics & Insight 
We help identify and solve business problems using a data-informed decision-making, while maintaining a perspective of the organisation’s data landscape and business strategy. 

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