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Other Standards / Certificates: Cyber Essentials / Cyber Essentials PLUS, JOSCAR Registered

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Product Development Team—this  team supports the Connect software Product, which is used by many clients for Asset Management, Facility Management, Property Maintenance, and inspection/repair Job Tracking.

Services Team—this team provides Software Development, DevOps, DevSecOps and Technical Product Assurance (Tech Due Diligence) services to a number of clients in the UK Private Sector, Public sector and export clients.  The company works directly with UK Government agencies and also Prime Contractors and Tier 1 suppliers with SME friendly behaviours.


In the UK the Connect Product is used by Telecoms, Facility Management, Asset Management, Retailers, and Housing Associations,

We also have several mining company clients in South Africa, who use the software to service and maintain their vehicles and plant equipment.

The Services Team provides software development services to the National Crime Agency (NCA), NATO Communications Information Agency (NCIA) and several Medium Sized companies in the UK, who need additional software development capacity, or who outsource their software product development to our team.

Team Mercury

Our Managing Director has been instrumental in forming Team Mercury.

Team Mercury is a consortium of high integrity, UK based technology focussed SMEs with a proven track record in private sector, public sector & international business.  Team Mercury partners proactively collaborate on digital products, digital services, and consultancy, delivering outcomes at pace using practical & proven agile ways of working.

Our Mission

Delivering high quality, high assurance digital services for clients from Proof of Concept (PoC) to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to full operational support & maintenance stages of development

Team Mercury utilises the ISO 44001 Collaboration Standard as its framework for setting objectives, onboarding partners, managing delivery, and continuous business improvement.

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