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Techni Measure supply a very wide range of sensors for the measurement of strain, vibration/acceleration, load/force, displacement, pressure, torque, inertia, orientation and temperature. Our measurement technologies include resistance strain gauges, piezoelectric, MEMS, wheatstone bridge transducers, capacitive, laser displacement, fibre optic, potentiometric   We supply instrumentation, including wireless systems, signal conditioning, cables and accessories for our full range of sensors. We also supply electromagnetic shakers for structural excitation and calibration systems and services for vibration, shock, dynamic pressure and acoustic sensors. Since 1971 we have been providing measurement solutions for a wide range of environments from laboratory testing to the most extreme and harsh conditions; we relish a challenge – if you think it cannot be measured then try us and we will endeavour to find you a solution. We operate in the UK & Ireland across all industrial and academic sectors and we will be happy to discuss your application in detail and provide advice and support on the selection, installation and use of any sensor. Through our sister company Quad I we also offer bespoke design, prototyping and assembly services, sensor installation and test data measurement services and equipment rental.

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