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International Standards: ISO 9001
Other Standards / Certificates: Cyber Essentials / Cyber Essentials PLUS, SC21 Bronze

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The Group, comprising Tannlin UK Ltd & Tannlin Technology Ltd supplies customers in medical, defence, aerospace, electronic and automotive industries. Tannlin UK designs and manufactures laser cut stencils and PCBA tooling. Tannlin Technology designs and manufactures laser cutting systems, automated laser cutting production cells, laser cut parts and is the home of the research and development group; With a common set of values and standards all those involved in the business strive to continuously deliver the highest quality products. Manufacturing sites and sales offices worldwide allow Tannlin to work closely with customers in the twenty eight countries that Tannlin has exported to.

2 Dow Road
Monkton, Prestwick
South Ayrshire
01292 478 348

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Alan Lindsay
Group Sales Manager
01292 478 348

Donald Corlett
Quality & Process Improvement Lead
01292 478 348

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