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SABRE Ballistics manufactures a complete ballistics test range systems from test guns to instrumentation. Users include MOD (UK), DoD (USA) and organizations in over twenty other countries. Systems for R&D or proof testing of all calibres of ammunition, armour or weapons are available.

SABRE Ballistics range of equipment includes: test guns, weapon rests and ancillaries. Instrumentation products include measurement systems for: breech pressure, projectile velocity; rate of fire; fuze characteristics; accuracy; tracking etc. In addition, Doppler radar systems are available for muzzle velocity and ballistic testing applications. A service use Field Portable Rate of Fire recorder is also available (NATO Codified).

SABRE products comply with NATO, ISO, CIP, SAAMI and NIJ standards where appropriate.

SABRE Ballistics also manufactures a ground/air to ground (strafe scoring) system.

Support consultancy and equipment hire services are available. SABRE also supplies embedded displays (CRT/LCD), terminals, computers and printers. SABRE Ballistics is assessed to ISO 9001.

  • Ballistics Testing
  • Bore measuring/sighting systems/equipment
  • Calibration systems/equipment
  • Computer peripheral equipment
  • Computers/microprocessors
  • Consultancy, electrical/electronic
  • Counters
  • Data acquisition systems/equipment
  • Data display systems/equipment
  • Database/Information systems
  • Displays, cathode ray tube
  • Displays, flat panel
  • Displays, Graphic
  • Electro-optical systems/equipment
  • Hostile fire indicators
  • Infantry training aids
  • Instrumentation systems
  • Microphones, Noise reduction, Sonar
  • Miss-distance indicators
  • Optical Systems
  • Programming/timing systems/equipment
  • Radar, muzzle velocity/ballistic test
  • Range design/construction
  • Range tracking systems/equipment
  • Research
  • Small arms training equipment
  • Software
  • Target marking/scoring systems
  • Targets, anti-armour
  • Targets, infantry
  • Test equipment, explosives, fuzes
  • Training Systems/equipment
  • Velocity measuring equipment
  • Weapon alignment/proving/testing systems/equipment
  • Weapons training systems/equipment

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