Stop-choc Ltd (Hutchinson group)

Manufacturing Organisations

Suttons Business Park

01753 533223

Standards, Certs and Regs

International Standards: AS/EN/JISQ 9100, ISO 14001, ISO 9001Other Standards / Certificates: SC21 OERegulatory Certificate (Aviation): EASA 145

Stop-choc Ltd (Hutchinson group)

Company Profile

A global leader in vibration control, fluid management, sealing system technologies, and belt drive systems, our Group stands out with a multiple market offering with a range of expertise and delivering synergies and valueadded. Our ambition is to contribute to safer, more comfortable and more responsible mobility for the future. Stop-choc is operating a manufacturing unit at Reading, primarily for the design, development and production of illuminated display panels, anti-vibration mounts and electronics racking.

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