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Space Forge Ltd

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Space Forge is a Cardiff based company developing in-space manufacturing through the creation of a returnable satellite platform that leverages the benefits of space to make new materials that are not possible on Earth.  These materials will impact our lives by reducing energy loss, make vehicles lighter, among other benefits, with the ultimate aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by a significant factor.

Our revolutionary return technology reduces the cost of return from space, which means less space debris in the orbital environment, and enables satellites to be refurbished on Earth for the first time ever

The platform we are developing can support a wide range of missions. Space Forge has been developing use cases across several key profiles which has generated user interest.

These profiles are: 

  • In-space manufacturing in Low Earth Orbit for return to Earth 
  • Dedicated microgravity research operating beyond ISS capabilities 
  • Tactical return, providing rapid in-space capability that can offer ‘plug and play’ payload hosting for short duration missions with low turnaround time between return and relaunch. 


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