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Sophrodyne Aerospace Ltd

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Sophrodyne Ltd provides responsive, research-quality aeronautical and computer-science expertise to enterprises large and small, helping them to understand, innovate and produce on commercial timescales.

In aeronautical science, our major strength is in modelling and simulating the aerodynamics and flight mechanics of air vehicles, ranging from drones and UAVs through to full-size aircraft, across the Mach number range from subsonic to hypersonic.

We have special expertise in the field of rotorcraft – our unique modelling capabilities can be used to provide particularly accurate assessments of rotorcraft performance, interactional aerodynamic effects, flight dynamics, vibration and noise.

In computer science, we specialise in machine learning and AI, computer vision and the human-machine interface. 

Our combination of expertise in both aeronautical and computer science equips us particularly well to be able to tackle very complex aeronautical challenges. We conduct computations for clients, create special-purpose software for them to use, and advise them on the most suitable techniques. Our modelling techniques range across the spectrum of fidelity and complexity, and we are experienced in identifying the particular approach that best satisfies the client’s requirements. We also provide courses and lectures to bring clients up to speed with the latest developments in the field.

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