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Our mission-proven maritime technologies and systems are a force multiplier in the undersea domain, enabling your assets to detect, classify, track, communicate and image.

Sentinel is the sector’s most widely deployed surveillance sonar, protecting bases, vessels and CNI from diver and UUV incursions. Our hybrid navigation instruments keep your mission on course with accurate and resilient service in any water depth or GNSS denied theatre. Our secure acoustic and optical signal architecture supports the transition to uncrewed/unmanned and autonomous vehicle CONOPS with high bandwidth secure communications. Our multiple aperture sonar Solstice is also at work on these platforms – improving area coverage rates during high-tempo MCM missions. And our Vigilant collision avoidance sonar helps your SDVs and surface fleet see what can’t be seen when operating in unknown waters.

UK-headquartered with a global footprint; when you invest in Sonardyne technology to support your naval operations, we provide you with expert application advice, installation, training, equipment servicing and around the clock help, delivered responsibly, safely and cost effectively.

Our technology is our differentiator. Take advantage of it.



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