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Solirius Consulting is a technology consulting company specialising in providing bespoke software development, consulting, and technology services to clients across various industries.
Solirius helps organisations address their unique technology challenges and achieve their business objectives. Solirius offers a range of services including software development, consulting and advisory, quality assurance and testing, data analytics and business intelligence, and cloud services.
Solirius builds custom software applications and implements scalable and secure architectures. Solirius works closely with clients to understand their requirements and develop solutions that meet their specific needs.
Solirius provides expert guidance and advisory services to help organisations make informed decisions regarding technology strategies, digital transformation, and IT infrastructure. They assist in identifying areas for improvement, optimising processes, and implementing effective technology solutions.
Solirius also specialises in quality assurance and testing, ensuring that software applications are thoroughly tested to meet the required standards of functionality, performance, and security. Their testing services cover test planning, automation, and comprehensive quality assurance methodologies.
Solirius offers data analytics and business intelligence solutions to help organisations harness the power of their data. They assist in data visualisation, reporting, and leveraging data-driven insights to drive informed decision-making.
Solirius provides cloud services and migration expertise, assisting clients in migrating their applications and infrastructure to cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure.

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