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Skytek Technology Ltd

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Skytek is an award winning advanced software company specialising in the creation of innovative solutions for a complex and demanding industries.  Skytek can proudly outline globally recognised organisations such as NASA and the European Space Agency as customers. 

Skytek has decades of experience and expertise in the space environment, as well as other industries, including aerospace, defence, marine & maritime, emergency & disaster response, and insurance.

Our ability to develop innovative solutions for complex and challenging scenarios can be illustrated by the fact our IPV (International Procedural Viewer) system is utilised on the International Space Station as well as on earth, in conjunction with our Augmented Reality solutions, to not only support daily space station activities, but also astronaut training.  Additionally, our web based ‘Situation Room’ platform is used to support the monitoring of 10,000’s of vessels and other assets across the globe daily.

Skytek have significant experience in areas such as:

  • Earth observation & tailored analysis,
  • Augmented Reality,
  • AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning),
  • Digital procedure/workflow & control, 
  • Live monitoring & analysis of global assets,
  • International Sanctions compliance
  • Cyber risk identification, analysis & management.
  • ESG monitoring & analysis of ports, harbours and global vessel fleets
  • Geoinformatics analysis solutions, 
  • Data fusion, Pattern analysis, Cross referencing & web app’s, 


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