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Sirius Insight

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Sirius Insight is a leading international specialist in maritime security, providing innovative AI-powered maritime surveillance to ensure safety and security at sea. 

We are a British company powered by UK proprietary technology, which autonomously detects suspicious or unusual activity at sea, raises timely alerts to the authorities, and enables effective response.  

Sirius Insight delivers integrated and enhanced information to inform critical decisions in the marine environment. We are experts in maritime domain sensors and pioneers in Artificial Intelligence – developing advanced, integrated visualisation and alerting systems to help customers achieve maritime safety and security.

We integrate radar, optical and thermal camera, AIS, RF and static data to provide users with an enhanced view of a sea area including the detection and identification of vessels of interest and alerting of certain defined or anomalous behaviours. 

We can provide solutions from consultancy and advice on system specification through to turnkey, BOOT or full-service contracts. 

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