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Sirius Analysis Ltd

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Sirius Analysis Limited (Sirius) is a technical consultancy providing analytical services to Government and Industry including the UK MoD, NATO and other defence customers.  The Company is a new venture, but has been established by four highly experienced practitioners with a track record in leading, delivering and overseeing defence related tasks: David Bangert, Carl Dalton, Jo Llewellyn and Tom Baldwin.  David and Carl were the owner-Directors of Polaris Consulting Limited, a highly successful consultancy which traded from 2001 to 2017.  When Polaris was acquired by TP Group, both of them became Partners in the Consultancy and Project Services (CaPS) division.  Jo Llewellyn was Chief Technical Officer for Polaris, and became Practice Lead for Systems Engineering within CaPS. Tom Baldwin left Polaris in 2017 and has spent 3 years in NATO’s Allied Transformation Organisation before returning to the UK in April 2020 and joining Sirius soon after.

Sirius specialises in the delivery of analytical projects, building on its core skills in Operational Analysis (OA), Cost Analysis and Systems Engineering.  The Company is focused on the delivery of high quality analysis and will leverage the skills of its network of trusted and known associates to supplement its founders’ expertise.

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