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SFL Mobile Radio is at the forefront of radio technology supplying and designing two-way mobile radio systems and under its Sure Antennas brand, designing and manufacturing covert vehicle antennas.

SFL’s dedication to the radio communications industry has seen it grow to one of the largest, modern, digital two-way radio suppliers with solutions for rapid deployment communications, working with the UK police force, military divisions and local government.

Sure Antennas occupies a niche position within the mobile antenna design and build marketplace, having developed thousands of RF critical antenna solutions for specialist radio operators including the police and military around the world.

Predominantly, Sure Antennas has focused on the design, manufacture and modification of OEM discreet antenna applications to vehicles that require total anonymity within the environment that they are deployed.

More recently it has created a portfolio of high performance multi-function ESN vehicle antennas including duplexers, multiplexers and phasing units.

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