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Selectamark Security Systems plc

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Selectamark are a leading supplier of property marking and asset identification solutions which deter theft and aid recovery of stolen property.  The Company manages a number of industry leading brands including SelectaDNA (dna forensic marking), SelectaMARK (visible property marking), SelectaLABEL (asset and security labels) and BikeRegister (the UK’s national cycle database).

SelectaDNA not only reduces crime but also enables Police to link criminals to crime scenes and secure convictions – it can even be found using specially trained search dogs, making criminals fear SelectaDNA even more. It has been proven to reduce theft and burglary by up to 83% and is being used extensively in the UK, Europe and worldwide in numerous crime reduction and detection initiatives.

SelectaDNA is used to ‘tag’ valuable property, infrastructure and criminals and is available in a number of formats including:

·      Property marking solutions to deter theft of IT equipment, plant & machinery, tools, vehicles and other valuable assets (combining DNA and microdot technology)

·      Defence and Tagging Sprays to deter criminal activity and anti-social behaviour

·      SelectaDNA Trace for metal protection including copper cable

·      Intruder Sprays for robbery/commercial burglary prevention and transport protection of goods in transit

·      Transferable solutions including Gel, Grease and Trespass Beads, for covert operations


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