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We are experts in transportation, logistics, forwarding and warehousing, supported by our innovative technology platforms and integrations. As a customer focused organisation, we are powered by the expertise of our people and our configurable in-house developed, best-in-class technology. We have over 150 offices in 40 countries worldwide – allowing our clients to benefit from specific industry sector expertise, coupled with vital in-country knowledge and exceptional service at a local level. We also have an agile management structure, which makes us ‘fast on our feet’ in delivering solutions that can meet each client’s exact requirements. This also increases our decision-making speed and gives us an ability to implement intelligent logistics solutions which far exceed those of our competitors.


We move your most sensitive shipments to the world’s most complex areas. When it comes to shipping high value, Global security cargo for the government, or for military applications, one name stands out


From aircraft manufacturing logistics to civilian or military aircraft operations and fulfilment – regardless of the size of the engine or the same day transportation requirements you may have – we can help you manage your vendors and meet tight deadlines anywhere in the world.

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