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Salentis (UK) Ltd

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Salentis are specialists in leading, designing and producing winning bids and proposals for our clients.  Established in the United States more than 12 years ago, and subsequently introduced into Australia and Asia by our clients, Salentis is now operating in Europe. We achieve outstanding results by hiring the best people in the business, using an effective and agile process, and by placing an emphasis on design and graphics that is rare in the sector. We are unrelenting in our pursuit of excellence for our clients and it shows in our results. 

In addition to our UK resources, we are able to call on around 400 associates world-wide, subject to security considerations. When working in international teams we often exploit our ability to ‘follow the sun’, with work on a proposal continuing for up to 20 hours a day; this can be a decisive advantage when time is very short, as it often is.

We specialise in proposals for contracts in the defence and security sector, aerospace including satcoms, oil and gas, and logistics. Typical proposals are for contracts in the £10Ms or £100Ms. We are also able to cover smaller proposals if required. Our biggest, so far, was worth £7Bn.

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