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International Standards: AS/EN/JISQ 9100NADCAP (Aviation): NADCAP COMP, NADCAP CP, NADCAP HEAT T, NADCAP NDT, NADCAP WLDRegulatory Certificate (Aviation): Pt 21G

Safran Nacelles Limited

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Part of the Safran group, Safran Nacelles is one of the two main integrators of aircraft engine nacelle systems in the world. With more than 17,000 equipment in service, Safran Nacelles proposes a range of nacelle systems to suit each type of aircraft: regional jets, business jets and commercial aircraft of more than 100 seats for medium- and long-range travel. Safran Nacelles designs, integrates and ensures customer support and services for aircraft engine nacelle systems. The know-how of the 3,800 Safran Nacelles personnel and its unique technological lead means that Safran Nacelles can integrate all the nacelle systems components and thus optimize the aircraft propulsion systems. Safran Nacelles is at the interface between the aircraft manufacturer, engine manufacturer and the airline company. This knowledge of aerospace companies combined with its expertise allows Safran Nacelles to propose unique solutions: nacelle systems which are lighter, quieter, smarter, more electric and easier to maintain.

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