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Our UK presence has been growing at pace bringing together the best of Swedish and British innovation. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they obtain advanced solutions for their requirements, whilst harnessing our ingrained approach to ensuring value for money.

Saab UK currently employs over 500 people across eight sites which focus on a wide range of specialisations including software engineering, underwater robotics, radars, armed forces training and more. Saab supports many thousands of British jobs through a multi-million-pound supply chain, we expect this to increase further in the coming years. By partnering with our UK customers and industry we deliver innovative, solutions to complicated, multi-dimensional problems. Saab anticipates the threats of tomorrow and through collaboration ensures that our thinking edge pushes the boundaries.

We invest in UK R&D – in 2019 we established the Saab UK Innovation Network centered at Imperial College London’s I-Hub. Today we are approaching 10 funded doctoral research programs into emerging technologies across four universities. In 2021 we also opened our Saab Technology Centre at Cody Park in Farnborough which forms the foundation for growing our British IP base.

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