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Run Flat Systems Ltd

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Run Flat Systems Ltd was incorporated in 2007 as a research and development company with the brief to design and perfect a modern state of the art runflat insert system for the single piece drop-centre wheel, with the specific aim of enabling all tyres down control and drivability on any terrain. Other novel design criteria included incorporating the first commercial beadlock in conjunction with runflat support, plus the ability for low pressure operations and CTI systems to be useable on the single piece wheel for the first time. This was achieved with the Company’s patented ‘Active Beadlock’ technology. Light weight was a priority in the design of Runflat CBR® (Combined Beadlock Runflat), together with a less than 10 minute fitting time. All design criteria have been met and runflat capabilities in excess of 250km have been certified by IDIADA, Tarragona, Spain. The company has ISO 9001 – 2015 and cyber security systems in place. Runflat CBR® inserts will be introduced to the market for high speed road use, off-road 4 x 4 and military applications, during 2018.

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