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Reventec Ltd

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Reventec is a leading electronic and mechanical sensor design consultancy specialising in the development and manufacturing of custom programmable sensors. Based in Salisbury, Reventec’s liquid level, temperature and position sensors are used in the extreme environments of top-flight motorsports, unmanned systems, automotive and military sectors.

Our mission is to provide real-time measurement of vital vehicle components. For quick deployment, sensors provide the peace of mind that your vehicles are reliable and ready to rollout.

Reventec sensors are heavily used across the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market and we have significant experience designing sensors for military UAV platforms. Our team has deep knowledge of aerospace grade materials, FMEA analyses, CFD and other lab-based design, prototyping and analysis techniques.

For Land, Naval, Submarine and Aerospace applications, we offer robust, highly-accurate and reliable sensors for integration into our customers systems. Accurate on-board fuel measurement enables our clients to monitor fuel usage, conserve fuel consumption and maximise operational use and mission time; helping our customers go further for longer.

Designed to meet EMC approvals (MIL STD 461F Army Ground Limits and RTCA DO160F) and available in a range of different mil-spec connector types (MIL-DTL-38999 / 26WD5PN), Reventec designs sensors for your operational requirements.

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