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Revector create and deploy bespoke hardware and software solutions to help companies globally overcome uncertainty, risk and threat in today’s world utilising advanced IMSI intelligence. The technology uses both Wi-Fi and mobile networks to identify and address security threats. This gives organisations the capability to passively and actively monitor for suspicious and criminal behaviour taking place in and around airports, border control, port access, critical infrastructure, and private facilities, etc. The technology can be used to counter threats of terrorism, national security and in police and law enforcement initiatives as well as for humanitarian activities including supporting major disaster rescue efforts, search and rescue activities, anti-poaching protection, etc. 

Revector’s IMSI and WiFi Catchers are designed to be used on multiple platforms including portable covert backpack and motorcycle helmet boxes as well as in vehicles and aircraft. Revector have recently produced a lightweight agnostic UAV/Drone payload. Clients include telecom regulators, government agencies, security forces, military, police and law enforcement, prison services and search and rescue operations.

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