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Queens is a broadly based, research-driven university with a dynamic world-class research and education portfolio and strong international connections. The University’s priority is to achieve nationally and internationally recognised research excellence in all of its many and varied disciplines, with world-class research in distinctive niches and thematic areas. An emphasis is placed on the expansion of inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary activities.Research at Queen’s is focused through a framework of Research Clusters and Interdisciplinary Forums, each led by an established research leader. There are twenty research-led Schools, comprising over 90 research clusters. The Engineering faculty has several schools and research clusters with capability in aerospace, defense and security. These include Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, The Centre of Excellence for Integrated Aircraft Technologies (CEIAT), The Institute of Electronics, Communications and InformationTechnology (ECIT). Projects have ranged from security systems, to senor technology, aircraft design methods and whole life costing for network enabled capability.

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