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Programable apply their Rapid AI Development (RAID) Platform to address problems characterised by the complex, ‘high dimensional’ challenges associated with enhancing decision making for Defence and its collaborating community. This approach embraces the need to consider available resources, the adversary and the operating environment within a single common picture. This is taken in the Command and Control (C2) context of multi domain operations that will underpin the future operating concept for defence.
At an AI level, Programable ensures that for a given required outcome can we optimise the series of intermediary tasks and dependencies in such a way so that we can plan effectively, select the mission options and then track and adjust in real time as the mission completes. This means that:

1.      We have better oversight on what is required to happen and when;
2.      We can reduce the time in order to reach the result;
3.      We can reduce resource wastage, increase concurrency, and remove duplication;

The combined effect seeks to understand how we can optimise the relationship and trust in AI with the potential to augment decision making within the C2 Human Machine Team (HMT.)

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