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Primetake Ltd

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Established in 1991 as a manufacturer of Birdscaring Cartridges, Primetake has an extensive product portfolio that includes:

– 12 Gauge
– Method of entry (MOE)
– Less than lethal ammunition
– Omega Sniper match grade
– Specialist ammunition
– Pyrotechnics 
– Distraction devices
– Smoke grenades
– Signalling cartridges/smokes
– Ceremonial / Saluting Cartridges
– Demolition accessories
– EOD stores
– Secure storage solutions
– Armouries for military, law enforcement and civil applications

With an extensive client base including Military and Law enforcement, Primetake, part of the Key Technologies Group, prides itself on technical excellence and has developed an enviable range of specialist ammunition that performs with outstanding results, maintaining a strong worldwide distribution network.

Along with an impressive and growing product range, Primetake works with customers to design and develop custom built products to specific requirements. 

Primetake is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited company and is fully conversant and compliant with the needs of the AQAP 2105 quality standard if required.

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