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Phoenix Software Ltd

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Phoenix stands at the forefront of delivering digital transformation, serving as a strategic partner for organisations focused on advancing their capabilities within the defence sector.

Our expertise lies in empowering organisations with cutting-edge IT solutions and managed services across cloud and hybrid infrastructures, artificial intelligence, data management and insights, security, and collaboration tools.

Committed to understanding the distinct objectives of our customers, Phoenix delivers transformative, outcome-focused IT solutions tailored to the unique needs of the defence sector. By leveraging our range of services and partnerships with leading vendors such as Microsoft, Dell, VMware and more, we enable organisations to deliver meaningful change in the lives of their personnel, service users, and the broader communities they serve.

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Operations Director

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Lucie Collings

Divisional Sales Manager

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Jacqueline Taylor

Senior Business Manager

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Rob Blount

Transformation Specialist

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Jonathan Scott

Alliance Manager

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