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We’ve been answering the call for CBRNe information management for more than a decade, with our patented PELAmesh range. From the latest detectors, to those in-service and legacy units – we add an unrivalled level of situational awareness for operators working in some of the most challenging environments. Using PELAmesh to quickly network detectors from multiple manufacturers, into a single visual display is empowering operators in hazardous environments, and helping to save lives.

Our wide area survey and force protection capabilities deliver stand-off, reliable detection and perimeters. While our integration with multiple remotely operated vehicles enhances scene assessment capabilities and offers a new dimension to CBRNe and hazmat operations. The PELAmesh range has been deployed in operations with emergency services, security and military services, conservation groups and for environmental monitoring.

At PELA Systems, we don’t just do modelling and simulations – we build detector networks using live data to save lives. All PELAmesh products are designed and built in the UK.

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