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Pandect Precision Components Ltd

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Since 1964 we have designed and manufactured custom slip ring assemblies (SRA’s) for passing data and power across rotating interfaces for primarily the defence and aerospace markets.

Our SRA solutions are custom ones for mainly long-term programmes.

Some of our SRA designs also integrate uwave rotary joints (RoJo’s)  for applications such as radar and satellite-on-the move (SOM). Other Pandect SRA designs integrate fibre optic rotary joints (FORJ’s) for very high data rates.Some of our solutions integrate hydraulic or pneumatic rotary joints for cooling of the customer’s system.


50% of our business is into companies in the UK such as Thales, Leonardo and MBDA and the rest is to defence and aerospace companies in, for example, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Israel, Turkey, India, Japan and USA.

We have a technology road map for engagement with lead customers.

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