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ODU – around the world with perfect connections

In the winter of 1936-37, Otto Dunkel was the head of the research workshop at the German Post Office and trying to build the first ionospheric transmitter – to beam information into the high atmosphere, to be reflected and received in a different place. The tests did not run smoothly, there were big problems with the contact plugs of the transmitters, which did not permit a uniform contact resistance and Otto pondered over how this issue could be solved.

Ultimately, it wasn‘t scientific investigation which helped him, but his own power of observation. “I was standing at my window and looking out into the courtyard and I was quite upset because I wasn‘t making any progress. Then I saw a man in the courtyard sweeping up the leaves with a twig-broom – that gave me the idea for a new contact…….why not divide the contact just like the individual twigs of the broom? 

The result: constant pressure and consistent contact resistance – today known as the ODU SPRINGTAC® contact with springwire technology.

This springwire contact was the first in a long line of inventions and patents – and now ODU is one of the world’s leading suppliers of connector systems. A privately-owned company, head-quartered in Germany, employing 1,650 people around the world, with a turnover of over 150m, supplying a wide variety of markets including automotive, rail, industrial instrumentation, medical, energy and military. 

ODU is ISO 12485 certified to ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, as well as VDE, UL, CSA, VG and of course, tests to the relevant MIL-Specs.

As a ‘problem-solving’ connector manufacturer, ODU enjoys single-source status with over one hundred of the worlds top manufacturing companies. Why is that? Because, not only do they have expertise, but they work hard at being a flexible and innovative supplier.

In the UK, ODU are probably best known for their miniature military push-pull connectors. Notably, since 2002, ODU have supplied more than 100,000 helmet connectors for the Bowman military communications programme, without a single reported connector failure.

The AMC® [Advanced Military Connector] series was originally developed to meet the ever-demanding needs of the many international Future Soldier programmes, intended to equip the average ground-based combat soldier with an integrated set of high-technology equipment, linked to an array of battlefield information resources.
This range of rugged connectors offers high-performance data transmission, high band-width, high reliability and easy handling in any harsh environment – in sizes that are typically one-third smaller and lighter than using MIL-Std housings with commercial inserts. There are numerous high-density signal configurations, transfer rates up to 10Gbit and versions for combined signal & power up to 15A – all in a very compact package.

To see more go to: http://miniaturemilitaryconnectors.co.uk




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