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Nordic Unmanned UK Ltd

Company Profile

Nordic Unmanned was formed in Sandnes, Norway in 2014.  From the outset the company experienced significant growth and in 2017 was awarded contracts totalling 17m USD from the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) to provide services for emissions monitoring of maritime traffic across EU member States.  These contracts established Nordic Unmanned as one of Europe’s leading suppliers of drone services.  Nordic Unmanned’s strategy is based on bringing the disciplines and mature culture which have evolved to support conventional ‘manned’ aviation to the ‘new’ and disruptive technology of unmanned aviation.   This has positioned the company to prepare for a future where manned and unmanned aviation will share airspace and where unmanned aviation will play an increasingly significant role in delivering a range of services.  Nordic Unmanned acts as a system integrator, offering customers complete solutions which span hardware, software and service delivery.  The company supplies and operates its own Staaker drones, as well as high-end drones from Lockheed Martin, Textron and Schiebel.  The company is organised into four Business Areas: Green Solutions, Defence and Security, Logistics and Robotics and Digitalisation and operates in over 13 countries across Europe.

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