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NiTech Solutions Ltd

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NiTech Solutions is an agile, innovative, UK-based SME focused on developing ‘Dual-Use’ continuous process-based solutions. We offer one of the very few commercially validated, continuous manufacturing technologies that operates across a wide range of reaction/ crystallization processes. It is patent-protected and supported by proprietary process know-how.

The licensed technology won major European and UK awards in 2023 based on its operation in Croda, a global leader in specialty chemicals.
Support from the UK Ministry of Defence’s ‘Defence and Security Accelerator’, DASA, has already enabled us to successfully demonstrate the technology’s potential in the Energetics sector. And we are now gaining enthusiastic engagement with major players. 
NiTech’s licensed technology creates a range of benefits and substantial business value for the manufacture of energetic materials compared to traditional batch systems.
These benefits also provide new strategic supply-chain capabilities. This is particularly important in those cases where new production capacity is being developed in difficult environments, such as conflict zones.

Further benefits for Energetics manufacturers include:
 Reduced timescale for development/build of production scale units
 Flexible and modular units with reduced footprint and loadings
 DASA work confirmed the units are intrinsically mobile and easily transportable

In turn, these benefits reduce capital and operating costs. The development process is faster and scale-up costs are minimised.
An additional key benefit is the vastly improved quality control provided via online measurement and automated software systems. This improves product performance by reducing overall cost and complexity versus batch systems.

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