Company Profile

Newton is the leading operational and financial improvement specialist in Europe. Founded in 2001 by a group of highly qualified and experienced engineers, the companys objective is straightforward: to deliver performance improvement of 10% - 50% in any clients operations and supply chain without incurring capital expenditure. From its roots in manufacturing, Newton applies its unique engineering based approach across the aerospace and defence industries, working in areas as diverse as technical problem solving, manufacture, assembly, procurement, tooling, aircraft maintenance and test, from the factory floor to design office and throughout the supply chain.Newton are not management consultants, they do not focus on strategy, re-structuring or re-organisation their focus is on identifying and resolving the issues that limit performance, to deliver a tangible and measurable improvement, backed by Newtons guarantee no results, no fee.Newton has a proven track record of delivering rapid improvements in cost, delivery and quality performance, from the UKs largest defence alliances to world class niche suppliers.