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National Nuclear Laboratory

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Covering the complete nuclear fuel cycle from fuel manufacture and power generation, through to reprocessing, waste treatment and disposal and including defence, new nuclear build and Homeland Security. NNL provides these services supported by an impressive range of facilities and links with international research organisations, academia and other national laboratories. NNL offers commercial technologies for customers and trusted technical advice to Government. Our team of highly skilled and experienced employees specialise in providing tailored solutions incorporating world class innovation for successful project and programme delivery. NNLs facilities are second to none. At Sellafield, we operate the most modern nuclear technology research facility in the world, the Central Laboratory, alongside the Windscale Laboratory, providing Post-Irradiation Examination (PIE) and other services critical to plant life extension. At Preston (Springfields site) NNL operates a uranium active chemistry laboratory and has a non-radioactive test rig facility at Workington (close to Sellafield). NNL also has staff working on the Risley, Stonehouse and Harwell sites providing Head Office functions graphite technology, radiation chemistry and modelling and simulation.

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