Nasmyth Henton

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Nasmyth Henton

Company Profile

As a leading supplier to the Aero Engine, Marine Engine and Satellite industries, Nasmyth Henton manufactures ring machined components from 200mm – 1.8m diameter.

Nasmyth Henton is a member of the Nasmyth Group of companies that deliver uniquely integrated precision engineering solutions.  We produce section ringed and prismatic components in titanium, nimonic, stellite and ultra lightweight aluminium.

Working closely in partnership with customers, we are also able to provide complete end-to-end solution from formulating designs and sourcing materials through to manufacture, assembly and testing.

Our modern 5 axis CNC machining facility undertakes market-leading ring machining services and enables us to produce a diverse range of quality assured compressor seals, compressor casings, satellite mounting rings, adapter flanges and bearing housings.

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