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International Standards: ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO27001:2005

Moorhouse Consulting Ltd

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Moorhouse is an award-winning UK-based management consultancy firm. We specialise in end-to-end transformation, helping organisations across all major industries including Government, Defence and Security sectors. We bring a range of expertise to help organisations to deliver scalable solutions to enhance efficiency, drive digital transformation and enable a culture of innovation and rapid technological adoption. Beyond mere consultancy, Moorhouse leaves a lasting impact by imparting new skills, expertise, and experiences to client teams, ensuring a legacy of change.

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Euan Russell

Director – Defence & Security

+44 (0)7889 990079

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Ben Wickins

Manager – Defence & Security

+44 (0)7825 752604

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Joe McGarry

Partner – Government, Transport & Defence

+44 (0)7581 229 583

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