Mission Systems Wimborne Ltd (Eaton)

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Mission Systems Wimborne Ltd (Eaton)

Company Profile

Mission Systems Wimborne Limited (Eaton) is the largest supplier of Hose and Drogue Aerial Refuelling systems globally.  Specialising in design, development, qualification, certification and manufacture to defence customers worldwide,  Eaton also provides a ‘wingtip to wingtip’ capability offering a comprehensive range of actuation equipment for fixed wing, rotorcraft and UAVs.  Products include air-to-air refuelling systems, refuelling probes, air-to-air and air-to-ground launch systems employing both pneumatic and pyrotechnic ejection systems, and a variety of Defensive Aids Sub-Systems (DASS).  Systems integration resource, High integrity software development, Simulation and Modelling capability and through-life support services are also available to meet customer requirements.  

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