Company Profile

Missiles & Space Batteries Ltd manufacture Thermal batteries which are integrated into defence systems and aircraft of the largest aeronautical companies in all five continents gaining in particular an increasing share of the American market. MSB was established at the Coatbridge location over 50 years ago and are one of the world leaders in the manufacturers of thermal batteries. Thermal batteries are primary reserve batteries, single use and non rechargeable. Our product portfolio is used in many applications ranging from control systems, including electronics, actuation, guidance and pyrotechnics; to safety applications, such as back-up power supplies and ejection systems.As an AS9100 Rev.C and ISO9001:2008 accredited company, you are assured of our commitment to provide the highest level of quality and service.MSB is part of the ASB group of companies supported by two major shareholders EADS and Saft. The batteries remain inert until their power is required which allows maintenance free storage for long periods of time. Once activated they respond instantaneously allowing the energy to be available for immediate use.The intrinsic technologies provide the following key advantages- Batteries are self contained/ maintenance-free- Long storage life ~ 15 years without deterioration- Exceptional reliability- High specific power capability up to 110 Wh/kg- Voltages up to 200V- Power up to 60kW peak