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Inov8ive’s Geoshot brings Smart Device capabilities to any firearm and can be installed permanently within the void or mounted to an accessory rail. No need to calibrate or install any additional devices to the firearm, Geoshot always monitors! Whether being used in training, competition or deployment, data is always being recorded. This data can be used for audits, wash-up and forensic analysis – giving value and cost savings; supporting the handler use. Recording accurate firearm discharge information through its patented pulse system,

Geoshot distinguishes between actual shots fired and firearm strikes, alongside providing directional positioning. The results are repeatable and are the same for any device, so if challenged, data can be independently verified. Measuring only 8 x 8 x 3 mm and weighing less than 20 grams it has no noticeable impact on the handler. Geoshot’s motherboard allows additional connections to control third party external devices. These could include an automatic switch on bodycams, synchronization points for voice and speech recordings or issue point of interest signals to other devices. 

The metadata is encrypted and stored on the device with space for 5,000+ recordings in the current model. The Metadata can be streamed via the onboard GSM module to a Big Data Centre, providing real-time updates and geospatial awareness alongside its capabilities of Artificial Intelligent (AI) algorithms. 

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