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As Marshall Aerospace, we are part of the privately-owned Marshall Group, headquartered in Cambridge. We employ a global team of over 2,000 highly skilled people at locations in the UK, the Netherlands, UAE, Canada and the USA.

From routine maintenance, repair and overhaul to complex aircraft modifications, nobody can offer C-130 operators a more versatile set of capabilities than Marshall Aerospace. We are incredibly proud to have taken care of C-130J and legacy aircraft for operators across all continents of the globe, partnering with them to ensure predictable availability, no matter the size or age of their fleets.

We take the same exacting approach whether we are delivering planned line maintenance at minor and primary intervals, major checks, drop-ins or full-scale aircraft modifications. We work as a unified team to ensure that we turn aircraft around as quickly as possible, maximising fleet efficiency and helping to keep our customers mission ready.

As the first Lockheed Martin accredited Hercules Service Center for legacy C-130 and Heavy Maintenance Center for C-130J, we harness this same experience and expertise to continuously evolve our service delivery model through innovations such as predictive maintenance and digital MRO to drive even greater efficiency into our operation and provide more value for our customers.


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