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For operational or quality leaders who need to reduce high scrap and rework costs and increase profitability, MARQ-ONE provides personalised assessment, IPC standard training and consultancy in the aerospace and automotive electronics industries. 

Instead of managing in-house or throwing money at generic training standards, we come to your business and analyse your systems and core competencies. We help you understand where the root of your problems lie by giving you tangible evidence and actionable measurements.

After removing the grief and guesswork, we then create personalised focused training, tailored to your business. This is delivered for you on-site and at scale to maximize cost efficiency and minimise disruption to your day-to-day operations.

By working with MARQ-ONE, we’ll use our years of experience and certified IPC training to help you reduce costs, improve product quality, improve your team’s core competency, and protect the reputation your organisation has worked so hard to achieve.

If you need help with understanding what to fix and where to start with your electronics manufacturing, get in touch.


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