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At Marks & Clerk, we make the complex world of IP manageable. As the largest IP firm in the UK and one of the largest in Europe, we provide a full range of IP services, covering patents, trade marks, commercial legal services, licensing and litigation.

Our national Transport sector group  brings together Automotive and Aerospace experts from across our eight UK offices, who focus on the IP issues and challenges in the sector. 

The breadth and depth of technical know how and practical experience across our offices ensures we have deep seated understanding of all major technologies and technological sectors. 

We have significant experience in a wide range of areas including the following:

• Engine management

• Fuel cells

• Turbo chargers

• Power trains

• Interior and body components

• Communication, control and display systems

• Designs

In regards to Aerospace:

• Aerodynamics

• Propulsion

• Electrical/control systems and design 

The strength and breadth of our national team of experts means that we have the expertise to support our clients across this sector. We act for a range of clients which vary from well-known global market leaders to SMEs. 

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